The Best of Middletown Area High School title card

Connor Faust and the Blue Raiders' Jazz (The Middletown Area High School Song) is the jazz song performed by Connor Faust and the Blue Raiders (Connor Faust, Jeremy Hippensteel, Elise Marroquin, Branden Miller-Rhoads and Christopher Brown) from the 2017 direct-to-video special, The Best of Middletown Area High School.


Connor Faust and Jeremy Hippensteel:

Welcome to Middletown Area High School.

Christopher Brown and Branden Miller-Rhoads:

Home of the Blue Raiders.
Where High School Classes are for Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors, too!

Elise Marroquin:

We have classrooms, offices, cafeterias and more.
So come on in and have yourself a Blue Raiders shirt today.


Middletown Area High School, Home of the Blue Raiders.


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