The Adventure Time Season 5 Premiere

The Adventure Time Season 5 Premiere

Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat: A Very Marvelous Christmas is the 2012 direct-to-video sequel to Dr. Seuss's Holidays on the Loose, released on Tuesday, November 6, 2012!



  • Announcer: In 2012, the season 5 premiere of "Adventure Time" was discovered under a desk at Cartoon Network Studios. Now all the world is waiting in fevered anticipation to watch "The Adventure Time Season 5 Premiere". Now to present the season 5 premiere, from the star of "Level Up!", Connor Del Rio.
  • Announcer: Oh boy, what a sad person. I guess the season 5 premiere will remain lost. But, tape or no tape. "Adventure Time" will always live on in our hearts, minds and reruns. Now get lost. I mean, bye. No, really, get lost.


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  • John Cleese as The Cat in the Hat
  • Tom Kenny as The Grinch
  • Lewis MacLeod as Fox in Socks
  • John Goodman as Horton the Elephant
  • Rupert Degas as Mr. Knox
  • Brian Blessed as Joey
  • Kwesi Boakye as Sam I Am
  • Greg Berger as Max
  • Connor Del Rio as Narrator


  • Chapter 1: Hat on Top of the Tree
  • Chapter 2: Sam I Am Dinner
  • Chapter 3: Hanging Stockings
  • Chapter 4: Grinchy Face
  • Chapter 5: Decorating Lights

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