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The Alligators on the Train Song is the song performed by Logan Grove as Gumball Watterson and Kwesi Boakye as Darwin Watterson from The Amazing World of Gumball: Gumball and Darwin's Elmore Adventure.


[Darwin holds up a piece of cardboard with "Alligators on a Train" written on it; made-up music plays in the background]


Doot Doot Doot! [fake theme music] Alligators on a Train!

[Scene changes to Darwin wearing a fake mustache]


Oh no! There's alligators on this train! [Darwin beats up the cardboard alligator] Thank goodness, we got all the alligators off this train!


[using a slightly high-pitched voice]

Thank you so much for saving us from all the alligators on this train.

[Gumball and Darwin initiate a fake make-out scene]


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