The Best of MAHS Announcements title card

The Best of MAHS Announcements is the 2017 direct-to-video special, featuring all-new announcements of MAHS Announcements.


Featuring all-new announcements (2016-present) of MAHS Announcements.


Coming Up!


Main VoicesEdit

  • Shippling
  • Mitch
  • Wyatt
  • Luke
  • Corbin
  • Justin
  • Trey
  • Kyle
  • Braedon
  • Griffen
  • Mr. Shaffer
  • Sierra
  • Andrew
  • Ethan Newton

Supporting VoicesEdit

  • Elise Mariquine
  • Kathy Moore
  • Connor Faust
  • Christopher Brown
  • Jordina Hughes




Based on the YouTube videos of MAHS Announcements on YouTube.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The song resembles that of Phil Harris' Minnie the Mermaid song performed by Connor Faust, Christopher Brown, Kathy Moore, Jordina Hughes and Elise Mariquine.

See alsoEdit

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